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This version is a special free community version. I'm currently stuck and I don't know how to fix the game, so I decided to release the current version for free, in hope of getting some good feedback to be able to fix and finish the game. So please send any feedback you have! Send me a mail (games@dizelabs.com) or a tweet (@dizelabs) with your suggestions, problems you found or thing you feel are missing in this version! You can also use the discussion board below. Thanks for your help!


About the Game

You are an urban explorer – with a passion for golf! Urban Explorer Golf is a 2D Physics Puzzle Sports Game in which you discover and explore abandoned buildings and hidden places in four completely different environments. …and why not improve your handicap, while you're at it!

Golf your way through abandoned office buildings, dark and murky sewers, dirty construction sites and an old, decaying hospital! Face multiple and diverse challenges! Oh, and did we mention competitive game modes, destructible objects, hidden levels, player customization and multiplayer yet? The simple yet addictive gameplay in combination with a huge amount of content lets you explore Urban Explorer Golf for hours.


Watch the Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M5atyLqcNc


  • 2D Physics
  • 4 different ball types with unique physics behaviours
  • 3 courses (Office, Sewer, Construction Site) with 18 holes each
  • multiple hidden levels in unique environments
  • innovative and simple game play
  • destructible objects
  • dangerous hazards
  • interactive objects such as levers, buttons and huge dump trucks
  • hot seat multiplayer tournaments
  • stunning music
  • and much more!

Upcoming Features

  • 4th course (Hospital) with 18 really hard levels
  • more unique hidden levels
  • improved level selection
  • player customization
  • even more objects and hazards
  • LAN multiplayer
  • and much more!

Early Access

The game is still in development (or alpha phase). Once you bought it through the humble widget on the right side, you get immediate access to the most current build as well as all of the future builds, including the final game. We try to upload a new public build every week (mostly on fridays). You find changelogs for each build in the readme.txt and on our company blog.

We are currently aiming for the final release around the end of November 2016.

Live Development

Watch our twitch stream to see what we are currently working on right now! We stream every weekeday from 9:30-12:00am and 3:00-6:00 pm (CET).

Resources & Links

Our Company Website: http://www.dizelabs.com

Urban Explorer Golf Website: http://www.urbanexplorergolf.com

Urban Explorer Golf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanexplorergolf/

DIZELABS on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dizelabs

Urban Explorer Golfmusic is composed and arranged by Marco Vetter: https://soundcloud.com/graschinsky


alpha 0.4.4 - 20161228 - win.zip (39 MB)
alpha 0.4.4 - 20161228 - osx.zip (42 MB)


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